Sunday, 21 July 2013

Atheist Churches - Join any skeptic group

The final instalment of the Atheist "churches" deals with what else you could do now that you don’t need god(s). For part 3 click here. The biggest problem that many atheist encounter is the lack of the sense of community that churches/temples/mosques used to offer. They want/need to do something to feel part of a community again, so here is my list of things that you could do to both contribute to yourself and to your community.

1) Join a sceptic group. Most atheists I know have come to atheism by applying a sceptical attitude towards religion. This sceptical attitude in my opinion should be something that gets a lot of work, so why not join a sceptic group. Joining a sceptic group will only improve your ability to debate irrational people.

2) Get a hobby so that you can meet like minded people. Or better still create a hobby group that has no religious affiliations if that is what you are concerned about. In that way you are positively contributing to your community and showing that atheists are not bad people. Final note here "No agendas".

3) Join a charity. News media and religious groups like to point out that atheists do no charity work. So join a charity and contribute towards relief efforts or clean up efforts. Better still create a charity drive that is non secular that has no strings attached like some religious charities. BTW to any theist reading this atheists are very active in charities.

4) Team up with other secular organisations. These organisations that are on the front line fighting for equality for all people and are always in need of volunteers. Freedom from religion foundation.Atheist Alliance.

There are ways other than attending "church" to feel a sense of community. As atheists we can create for ourselves a sense of community the one thing we don't need is church.