Monday, 15 July 2013

Atheist Churches - Authority

There is lets call it a movement (more a desire) among certain atheist to create  so called "atheist churches". Now this is something that really bothers me. So I am taking the time this week to try and focus on why I think this is a horrible idea and what else you could be doing with your time instead of attending a "church". Please realize I am using the term church here just as its the word that seems to be used by everyone. Regardless of the word if it was assembly, group, temple I would feel the same way.

The main problem I have with this concept is that it elevates some people into a position of authority. Now this may seem irrational as a opening statement but bare with me. At the moment there are already people in the Atheist community that are elevated which people do not question. One only has to think of Richard Dawkins, P.Z.Meyers, Matt Dillahuntey etc. etc. and this is not good as we as atheists should question religious statements all the time even when they are coming from fellow atheists. What we need is people telling others to question everything they hear. On a side-note, I actually would like everyone to question everything I post and to go and look and see if they come to the same conclusion.

We do not need more authority figures especially in the framework of a group  following. This is a really important from the viewpoint of psychology as well, as individual psychology can get lost in crowd psychology. I would think the whole mob psychology factor would not be important as atheists should be rational people, but this is not true as I will explain in another post this week. Maybe I am too cynical  for saying this, but honestly I do not trust people who obtain too much power. What other agendas could start getting pushed in the so called atheist churches, especially when authority figures as mentioned before are not been questioned. Ultimately, I believe this is dangerous as someone could hijack the movement. I think we have to realise that not all atheists are good people and not all good people are atheists.

For the record, I am not saying P.Z.Meyers, Richard Dawkins etc are evil people.