Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Why is abortion even a theistic debate

I want to know why abortion is even a theistic debate. After all if god is so against abortion would he/she/it/alien not just make it impossible to abort a fetus naturally (miscarriage)? It happens so often natural abortions that we have to conclude that god really just does not care to much about abortion.

Now miscarriage is a fact and it can occur for a multitude of reasons. These reason can range from DNA mutations, infection, tissue rejections etc.

So if we now allow god into this hypothetical and say ok god is stopping some pregnancies developing to term as the babies would suffer. Then we are faced with the next problem why does god not always allow this to happen in cases of deformaties? And why are there miscarriages in totally healthy women with totally healthy foeutuses?

I have heard the common argument that this is a test from god. If this is the case then god is really not all loving and pretty much the evil meglomaniac that atheist portray god to be. If you disagree with this please I would love to understand your rational. I am guessing you cant disagree as this makes sense logically.

But even if we forget everything I have just said as to why this should not be a theistic debate.So, here is your conundrum theists, well a very recent example of your conundrum should I say.

Now you have a choice in this case in El Salvador abortion case, which has been denied in this majority Catholic country. Here your choices are:
Let the mother get the abortion or let her potentially die? She is suffering from Lupus and kidney failure.
Let the foetus die which will more than likely die anyway? It is missing part or all of its brain.
Or let both die?

To not make a decision is irresponsible as you could potentially kill 2 people instead of one. So what is your choice? Or is this the time when you use the god escape clause?

This is what we call owning up to your ideologies.