Friday, 7 June 2013

The religious struggle

Recently I have been seeing a lot of anti-life style choice rhetoric from theists. It is something I cannot comprehend, especially now that some churches are changing their stance on things like gay marriage. Luckily for me I stumbled across this link from the BBC which talks about how religions change their minds on certain issues.

What you quickly see when reading through this article is that the reason that religion often changes its mind is due to external influence. This was the case with the Mormons and polygamy, which funnily enough got banned by the church when the government decided to start seizing all their assets. Or that Muslim men are more likely to pee standing up in the west, as in the west we have more urinals for men to make the process more speedy I suppose. (OK, I will admit something I am now going to Google why we have urinals.)

Now as we see in this few examples above churches evolve as public perception and laws change. This makes me wonder how anyone can still believe in the existence of a god, after all if your religion is evolving to accommodate then surely it cannot be divinely inspired. How would a god that is all knowing make a mistake in a sacred text?

The last line of the article is a quote from  the author Karen Armstrong where she says:

"People often think religion is easy," says Armstrong. "In fact it requires a great deal of intellectual, spiritual and imaginative effort. It's a struggle that never ceases."
I think this is an apt way to end the article as it says to us you really have to work at staying in religion.  It requires intellectual effort to come up with reasons why you cannot face the truths that science gives you. It takes a lot of imagination to fool your rational brain into believing that a god exists. It takes spiritual effort because this requires you to take part in meaningless tasks like prayer which reaffirm your superstitions that your imagination and intellect have fooled themselves with. 

It will always be a struggle, because religion will always be wrong!

BTW urinals are made for efficiency. My guess was right.