Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Cambrian "Explosion" is not proof for creationism.

Some more evidence for evolution that will surely make the discovery institute reanalyze their thoughts......OOPS Silly me thinking that a think tank will be rational.


This is a very exciting find. Its important as we often hear ID/creationists say please explain the Cambrian explosion. Which actually does not need explaining as I think creationists like word games, and explosion means fast. However the actual explosion actually took between 70 and 80 million years.

But I digress, getting back to the news. In this study the authors have shown that 2 mutations in our DNA history brought about the use of important hormones. These hormones are some of the really important ones like estrogen and testosterone. Those little hormones that have a lot to do with the difference between the sexes. According to one of the authors:
 "If those two mutations had not happened, our bodies today would have to use different mechanisms to regulate pregnancy, libido, the response to stress, kidney function, inflammation, and the development of male and female characteristics at puberty," Thornton said.
Remember this was way before humans ever roamed the planet. So these gentic mutations were happening in ancesterol DNA, that was not human. Which means that we inherited this DNA by an evolutionary process.

By synthesizing (making) this ancesterol DNA in the lab, the scientists then showed that by making only TWO mutations that the differing sensitivity to these hormones happened. This is fascinating as its only takes two mutations. I stress this because people often seem to think that mutations have to be dramatic, but this is not the case. As the corresponding author of the manuscript said.
"Our findings show that new molecular functions can evolve by sudden large leaps due to a few tiny changes in the genetic code," Thornton said.

Here is an example of two mutations using an alphabet.
abcdefghijklomnopqrstuvwxyz (normal)
abbdefghijklomncpqrstuvwxyz (mutations)
But please relaize DNA doe not only have 24 parts (like an alphabet), it has thousands.In the picture of the DNA below one letter in the alphabet represents one pyrimidine or purine base A,T,G or C.

File:DNA Structure+Key+Labelled.pn NoBB.png
Picture source

Unfortunately for creationists, these mutations happened around 500 million years ago and the Cambrian explosion was happening around the same time. So this could be a possible explanation for the Cambrian explosion. After all if these small mutations have had such dramatic effect on us humans in the future, why is it impossible to not think at least that this could also have had an effect on the evolutionary "explosion" happening around the same time.