Monday, 10 June 2013

Ray Comfort and his Comfort Words on Evolution

So if you have ever done yourself the honour and visited Ray Comfort of Living Waters fame blogspot. You would have surely run across his section that he posts frequently called Words of Comfort. Which is a quirky and fun title and most probably the most original thing on his blog. So anyway I am linking here to his blog and its to show you what an idiot he is when it comes to evolution.

Thats right I called Ray Comfort an idiot. I don’t do this because I want to be rude, but when someone has been shown so much evidence for evolution and they still deny it they have to be an idiot.

The title of this Words of Comfort is called Drawings and Ideas.
Please click the link or let me copy and paste from the blog for you. After all I want you to be irritated with him. ;)

"You want to see transitional evidence--look at the skeleton of a whale you will see bones of vestigial legs these were once real legs when the mammal lived on land before retiring to the sea to live and over time the outside legs have disappeared but the now tiny leg bones still exist! So yes evolution is happening before our eyes." Jordan Evans

This is the quote by Jordan Evans so we don’t need to get into this. After all its right! I am not sure if it can be attributed to Jordan Evans as I could not find a source to the quote, but that is irrelevant as like I said it is right.

Whether or not you believe in evolution comes down to whether you "believe" the evidence.  You see bones and drawings and ideas, and read about how old they are believed to be, and you trust what is being told to you is true. The entire belief of evolution rests on trust (faith). You believe. We don’t. You have great faith in what they tell you. Am I right?

Here Ray is right it depends if you believe the evidence for evolution you will believe it is happening. But this is where it all goes horribly wrong he equates trust to faith. But they are not the same as the fact of evolution have been proven over and over again using multiple scientific methods like fossils, DNA, radioactive dating etc. So how can this trust be the same as faith? Our trust of the data of evolution is based on hard cold scientifically verifiable facts published in peer reviewed journals. Your faith is based on what a book which is divinely inspired by an entity for which their is NO hard cold scientifically verifiable facts published in peer reviewed journals. So is trust the same as faith? No, it is not.

So Ray you are not right. The only time you will be right  is when you can bring some evidence for your god to the table. Evolution is presenting evidence all the time, you just need to look at the journals Nature and Science in the last month to see evidence of evolution. We are not even looking at Evolutionary based journals, these are multidisciplinary journals with a very high reputation among scientists. So where is the evidence for god published in the last month?

For a link to some evolution facts that Ray hates so much click below. This one deals with the whale and its feet.
Just in case you are wondering I take into consideration more the professors science at Berkley than Ray's blind unproven faith.