Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Morality does not prove the existence of a god

I am irritated by the fact that so many theist believe that morality is proof of a god, as there is no possible way it can be proof of a god. So much so that this is my second attempt to explain this. I could point out all the problems with morality and different gods, but I have done this before.....and I am sure I will have to do it again.

Morality is defined according to the philosophers at stanford as follows:
The term “morality” can be used either
1) descriptively to refer to some codes of conduct put forward by a society or,some other group, such as a religion,
or accepted by an individual for her own behavior or
2) normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.
Morality is defined according to the Oxford dictionary as the :
principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour:
a) a particular system of values and principles of conduct:
b) the extent to which an action is right or wrong: 
As we can see morality can be defined in multiple ways, particularly as a set of rules. So whose set of rules are right or whose are wrong. Are the theists rules better than the rational person? Are the rules imposed by Hitler better than those imposed by Pol Pot?

The problem is that theists are basing their morality (set of rules) on a book. With this I have no problem. It does not mean I agree with all your morals, I just agree that you can base them on a book if you want. However all you are doing is basing your morals on a book. This book then you say is guided by god. Now this is where we have to stop the argument that morality proves god.

Now you need to prove to me that the book on which you are basing your morality is actually from god. How are you going to do that? You cannot use your own text and say that it proves itself this is circular reasoning. So what you have to do is prove to me that a god exists. So their is your challenge, prove that a god exists.

Oh before I forget......One more thing once you have proven a god exists. You still need to prove to me that this god actually directed the writing of the book you believe so adamantly about.