Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Koran vs The Bible

At times I like infographics and now is one of these times.

The reason I so like this is that it shows that the Bible and the Koran can be interchanged and that one is exactly the same as the other. Often Christians and Mulsims like to say their holy book is the only true way to get to God/Allah. But look at the 10 commandments in the bible compared to the koran and you see that these laws are contained in both. So which way is the real way to go to your invisible guy in the sky?

What does this mean for two religions. Not much really as they both are Abramic religions and so clearly they will be sharing from each other as they come from the same geographical region. All it means is that they are the same and believe the same fundamentalist rubbish which leaves society in a worse state than it would be without religion. I would put a challenge out to any Christian or Muslim to go and read the other holy book cover to cover and then compare it to your holy book cover to cover. Then please explain to me why your holy book is better than the other one.

The benefit of doing this exercise will show you 2 things.
1) You will realize they are the same.
2) For once you will read your whole holy book and then more than likely you will run as fast as possible away from the church/mosque.

10 Commandments and Islam by ~islamographic on deviantART