Friday, 14 June 2013

Holy Trinity

Always when I read God is a myth I get great ideas (or at least I think they are great). God is a myth is one blog you should definitely be reading, but enough of the crazy KUDOS.

What is it with Christianity and the old testament and the new testament? When an atheist brings up the fact that god said that it is OK to have sex with your dead brothers wife even if you are married, but its not OK to have sex with your mother in law then you should burn to death. Also if you participate in bestiality then both you and the animal must get killed.... what did the poor animal do?

I bring up these specific laws here for one reason, these are laws that most certainly most Christians will say come from the OT and as such are not relevant today because Jesus came and took our sins away and now we live by the new covenant. There are ways to prove this is not true and that the NT endorses the OT but I want to look at in a simpler way. In a way that makes it so obvious that Christians are full of shit.

Its called the holy trinity i.e the father(god), the son (Jesus) and the holy spirit (bob ;)). Now these three are all one as that is what the trinity means. So if god and Jesus and the holy spirit are interchangeable where does this leave Christians?

Its simple everything in the bible can no longer be left out according to what you are trying to defend. It means that the entirety of the bible has to be brought into account when you are trying to make a point. You cannot say Jesus said turn the other cheek and dismissed an eye for an eye. As it was Jesus who also made the rule an eye for an eye after all Jesus is the same as the holy spirit and it was the holy spirit that guides the authors of the bible.

If one reads the OT, you quickly come to the conclusion that god had a big blood lust, so that means then that Jesus also had a blood lust as Jesus and god are the same. But this trinity also brings numerous other problems with it for Christianity. If the father sent the son to die on the cross to forgive our sins then actually the father sent himself to go and die on the cross. So god has effectively committed suicide, so this then tells us that god approves of suicide. Which is not surprising when you consider his murder rate in the OT, never mind the NT where he got a whole bunch of kids murdered besides himself.

So how does one escape this situation, the only possible way is to dismiss the trinity. But what happens when we dismiss the trinity? It brings the problem of who has more authority god, Jesus or holy spirit? Surely it must be god  as Jesus was the son, and the holy spirit is just inspiration. This then means the OT laws are more important as they come from the big boss.

Whichever way you look at it. Christianity has serious issues when it comes to biblical laws. Laws that cannot be dismissed in your arguments, the bible has to be taken in totality or not at all. I prefer the latter.