Sunday, 9 June 2013

Faith to what level?

I was reading a great post the other day on the bitchspot about faith and it got me to thinking what is wrong with faith. Especially more so when recently I have received comments from theists like:
"I am not trying to prove anything. I am only telling you that if you arrogantly demand proof you will never believe and you will die in your sins."
"The world itself is evidence of a creator to those whose eyes are not blinded by their bias. Some humans don't want there to be a G-d because they don't want to be accountable to G-d. Nevertheless, there is a G-d and we all will be held accountable for what we did in life." May I add these comments all came in response to me asking for evidence for the existence of a god. 

So it got me thinking about how to show that faith is not a good thing to have when you are making a decision about a god. After all the existence and belief in a god is a major aspect of a persons life, it allows you to discriminate for example. So if faith/god condones something like discrimination then surely it warrants evidence and not faith. So before the theists start crying let me give you an example.

You go to a used car lot and the salesman comes out and this is what he tells you. "I have just the car for you, it comes from a famous Italian sport car manufacturer. It has only ever had one owner who only drove it on weekends. It is red in colour, 5 speed manual shift and has air conditioning. Its engine is in perfect working condition." So hearing this maybe you are conjuring up an image of a sports car which the owner took out for a weekend cruise, something from a famous designer like Ferrari.
But lets look at what was said by the salesman and why you would require proof. He said it was made by a famous Italian sport car manufacturer, Fiat owns Ferrari. It was only driven on weekends, to the shop as the owner used public transport during the week. It is red, it has a/c, it has gear shift. And its engine is in perfect working condition, well for a week until the fan belt breaks again. So what is it?
Its a red Fiat Uno. So did the salesman lie to you? No he was honest, but more than likely you would require proof like....., what does the car look like. Just in case it looks like this.
You would also likely take it to a local service centre and get it checked out before you bought the car.

So if this is the kind of evidence you require when buying a car. Why would you not expect the same when you are asked to believe in a god. Why not have faith in the car salesman? Or should I ask why do you not have faith in the car salesman? Is it possibly due to the fact that people hold the wrong impression that car salesman have a tendency to inflate the truth? Does this remind you of what your minister/rabbi/mullah does?

Now how about asking for some evidence.