Monday, 24 June 2013

Deities do not equal happiness

I was reading a great post about just been an atheist and not having to worry about deconverting.

I just want to say this to all theists out there that happening to be reading this.....I AM HAPPY. I do not need God/god/Allah/Buddha/KrishnaXenu/Zeus/etc etc etc to make me happy.

I know its hard for you to believe. I know you think I am living in denial. But if this is denial give it to me everyday in large amounts. If anything believing in God was making me unhappy. It was making my depression worse, because it was giving me false belief that I was getting well. For those of you that go to church you will know that you can get euphoric through prayer, meditation, singing etc. But its a bit like getting drunk, when you stop drinking alchol and go home the effects wear off. Does prozac make me happy, no it just makes me stable. It is this stability that makes me appreciate life more and allows me to be happy. All this with no god!

God does not make me happy.
Allah does not make me happy.
Krishna does not make me happy.
And Scientology would not make me happy either. Go South Park! (Video may take a while to buffer)

I am an atheist and I am happy.