Friday, 28 June 2013

Dear god I

 A lot of my favourite blogs that I read have a weekly segment. Like Cephus's Bitchspot Horror Show Sunday. So I have decided to create my own weekly section called "dear god" I use a small "g" so as not to confuse a god with the God of Christianity. The point of this weekly segment is to thank god for all the awesome stuff he/she/it gives to us in the form of a prayer. Not to be taken seriously by atheists, but to be taken seriously by theists.

Dear god

You are such an awesome creator of all the amazing forms of life. I love the way that you designed everything from the cute little baby elephants to the enormous whales in the wide ocean. Every time I look around me I am enthralled with wonder and amazed by the foresight that you had to create everything.

It want to thank you for the water that you created for me and all the children that you love so dearly. I want to thank you for giving us our food that we can eat on a daily basis. Thank you for the shelter that you give us so that we can sleep safely at night. Thank you for my parents that showed me the way to your amazing grace. Thank you for all the babies all over the world that have been blessed by your gift thank you god..........

Thank you for creating HIV.


Ricky Gervais knows it. (Caution strong language)