Thursday, 20 June 2013

Creationism explains nothing

I hate creationists! There I said it, they are dishonest and believe in something that has no scientific backing.

Here is my general understanding of how everything came to be. Again, this is my understanding as it makes sense to me and I don’t see gaps.

1) Casmir effect (Something can come from nothing)
Funny when you point this out to theists when they say something cant come from nothing, they then say but how does one event accumulate. Hang on first accept defeat and then we can talk further.

2) Matter starts to coalesce into  atoms.
This is a atomic theory and quantum physics. I don’t understand everything but I know it can happen.I.e. proton plus electron equals hydrogen. To get a proton you need quarks and that's where it gets dark for a chemist.

3) Atoms get together to form basic molecules.
Uhmm have you ever collected hydrogen in the presence of oxygen and lit a match. DON'T!!But water forms and that is a very basic substance that is needed for life on our planet.

4) Basic molecules transform into more complex molecules.
A very recent (computational) example just to irritate creationists shows HCN (highly toxic to humans) can form basic purine nucleobases (i.e. DNA parts)

5) Self Organisation and self replication.
In the same journal above there is an article on the self assembly of peptides in solution. 
Also it has been shown that peptides can self replicate.
BTW we have not even got to cells yet and we have self replication, self assembly and molecule formation!

4) Cells (Bacteria)
If you can have self assembly of a cell membrane and have self replicating molecules within this membrane. Why can this not be classified as a simple cell?

5) Organisation of cells into colonies.
Colonies of single cells organisms is well know so I don’t think we have to elaborate here.

6) Cell colonies become self sustaining multicellular organisms.
Why not? If single cells can assimilate other cells (mitochondria) why is it so far fetched to think that colonies could not become a multicellular organism.

7) Evolution of multicellular organisms. (Humans/apes/platypus/chicken)
So evolution is a fact. We are not direct descendants from monkeys that are alive today, we are apes. That means a monkey cannot turn into a human and vice versa as we diverged along different evolutionary paths a very long time ago. There is DNA/fossil/bacterium/mitochondrial and other hard scientific evidence for evolution it is proven, it is not just a theory. See the links below if you don't believe.

Okay this is extremely simplified, but hey it makes more sense that the creationist (intelligent design) viewpoint.
1) God
Reference : The Bible/Koran/Dianetics/etc etc

2) Human/Earth/Dinosaur/chemical/Universe/etc etc etc.
Reference : The Bible/Koran/Dianetics/etc etc 

When I look at these 2 schemes, the evolution way makes more sense than the creationists view. Its true we do not know everything, but we know a lot more than those pesky creationists.