Sunday, 2 June 2013

Church/Mosque/Temple/..... Tax Privileges Are Wrong.

In light of the recent change in the laws of the boy scouts of America which now allows gay boy scouts to join, I got to thinking about something so simple that many people must have thought about before. It is simply that tax privileges are wrong for Temples/Mosques/Temples/UFO Spaceship Worshipping Altars/etc. It is as simple as that, and I after a simple explanation deny anyone to disagree with this obvious statement.

Fact 1) If you get tax exemption from a government that endorses equality, you are effectively getting sponsored by the government.
Fact 2) If you are getting sponsored by a government that endorses equality, then you have to play by their equality rules.
Fact 3) Theists holy places of worship are built for a special group of people that most often endorse discriminatory rules, so they should not be getting monetary benefits from a government that endorses equality.

We just have to look at what the church says about gays. If this is how they feel about gays, then they discriminate against sexuality. If we look at a mosque which believe in segregation of women and men during prayers, then we see clearly that they discriminate against gender. What about something as simple as making a person wear a  hat/shawl/aluminium-foil-UFO-stabiliser-head-receptacle to a religious service, this is a law that is beyond the country (hopefully) which does not require you to wear a hat during certain times of the day.

All these examples are discrimination by the church/temple/synagogue/etc etc. If this discrimination exists then why are these places of religious worship given a benefit from the government? This is wrong and anyone who happens to be reading this can clearly see why.

I guess I will not be seeing any attempts by theists trying to debunk this. :(

On a side note, Boy scouts are not allowed to wear their uniforms at pride parades as "organization's guidelines prohibiting advocating political or social positions"...........Social positions? Is that not what they have been doing for the last however many years.