Saturday, 29 June 2013

Arguments from ignorance

lol some ignorance is just too good to be true. I was not going to post this. But I thought just for the laughs it would be worth it.

This is from our theist friend Gideon, who has a serious lack of accepting they are wrong. After I have shown that life could originate from chemicals he basically stated something cannot come from nothing. However I was trying to get him admit defeat in the chemical question before I answered that.

Eventually after a tirade by this fool claiming victory, I dealt this. Enjoy :)
BTW I am not responding anymore. There is no point, but it was fun while it lasted.
Ok Something can come from nothing. Its called the Casmir effect. If you can now accept that you are wrong on this, we can move on to the next point.

If you cant there is no point in continuing this avoidance conversation.
If you can explain this effect in English, I'm ready to hear how something can come from nothing, without God's power.

So because you dont understand it. Its not true.

That is called an argument from ignorance. Just because you dont understand the science, it does not mean it is not true.

I claim no god, because I have yet to see any evidence for a god. You claim the Casmir effect is not true because you dont understand it.

Just as I thought. I gave you the go-ahead to explain your science and you balk. Nothing new, I've seen this many times before. It's because you have nothing that you can offer nothing... nothing comes from nothing.

You claim you have no evidence for a God, yet, the evidence is all around you. You, yourself, do not understand it, so there is no evidence. I, however, see it and I accept it.

Just because you don't understand it...

My final post was as follows.

Ok I gather you wont post this. But here we go.

In a vacuum which is nothing. It has been experimentally shown that particles can come into existence. This means that in nothing that something can occur.

Please refer to the following links if you need more information. But as I explained above is simple English just like u asked. So you can continue been dishonest and say I don’t understand, or accept you are wrong.