Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Why should I care about crationism?

Why should I care, it makes no difference to me.
It does not affect my life, so why should I care.
These are responses from atheist friends I often hear when talking about the creationism movement. They say its irrelevant to fight it as it does not affect them, and they know it is wrong. Well they are correct science shows that it is wrong, but I disagree with them that it is not worth fighting. Some people reading this will disagree with me as well, so let me give you some examples of bad science that most people think are worth fighting against.
Vaccines cause autism.
The Climate is not changing (i.e. there is no global warming).
Homoeopathy and alternative medicines.
If we look just at vaccines and alternative medicines and ask the question how many people have died by reverting to this bad science, it is very obvious that the fight is worth it. In the same way fighting creationism will lead to an improvement in scientific thinking (no more ignorance), which will lead to advances in science, which will benefit mankind.
So I ask you again is creationism worth fighting?