Wednesday 22 May 2013

Venner Suicide against Gay Marriage?

As the news is reverberating around the world about Dominique Venner's suicide and what it could stand for. At this moment of writing this blog, it is still not 100% certain if his suicide had to do with a protest against gay marriage in France, but it seems that way.

So lets get to the point, the guy is an idiot. Blowing your head of with a pistol in front of a lot of people, is simply what a psychotic/mentally ill person would do. If the reason that he did this is in protest of the new law in France that allows gay marriage, then it shows that not only was he mentally ill but he was also homophobic. Should  I have sympathy for his family, yes. I am sure they will have to deal with a lot of really difficult questions regarding a mentally ill family member, who has been a bastion of some really ridiculous ideas regarding Sharia law overtaking France etc.

Dominique Venner was not a christian or a catholic as some people are claiming. If anything it seems he was a Pagan, so there is a religious/spiritual/call-it-what-you-want element. So I guess we can call his death another attributed to mythical beliefs in things that are not real.

This issue should not be about gay marriage, this issue should be about a mentally ill person who decided to take their life in a most spectacular fashion. He is what the people at Encyclopedia Dramatica would call "An Hero".


Update: It has been confirmed that Venner killed himself in protest against gay marriage
Apparently he was not mentally unstable according to this report, to that claim I say bullshit. Anyone that blows their head off in a public arena is mentally unstable. Imagine the trauma that others that saw it will have to suffer, that shows a lack of empathy which is a sign of mental illness as well.