Friday, 3 May 2013

TGIF (Satire atheist post)

So I was watching this video on youtube about Obama being the Antichrist. Yes these views actually exist.
So I thought if christians can do it, so can I...... so here is my attempt and glorification of myself :)

My name is Kingsley Christian Kemp (I am not joking, this is legit)

So the word Kingsley means The King's Field.

And Christian means well ....Follower of Christ.

And Kemp means "name of a champion at jousting or wresteling"

So my names means I am the King of the Christians (followers of christ) who is a champion. Hence from now forth all Christians should listen to me their king. As an atheist I now tell all my loyal followers to disregard the bible and become atheists.

I think there is a conundrum here somewhere.

Have a great Friday :)