Friday, 31 May 2013

Ray Comfort and Genius (Of John Lennon)

Firstly its good to see Ray cashing in on the Beatles, what’s next Iron Maiden after all they sing about the number of the beast in a non sacrilegious way. One would almost think he was into money making....but we all know he is not in it for the money its about spreading the word of god.

Ok, so this post has to do with the movie Genius, which you can watch below. Its long and at times frustrating but you get a feel of what terrorist Christianity is with all the shouting and philosophical questions which can be melded into any argument you feel like debating.

After watching the movie, here are a few problems (I have a problem with everything he says, but we don’t have all day) that I have with Ray.
Ray likes to talk about morality? But dude, surely you don't want us to get our morals from god. After all shellfish is good, and stoning is bad. But then again maybe I am just reading the bible too literally.

Around 15:00 minutes he berates people about evolution/creation. Shouting like only a corner street preacher can. Ray let me just point out here that Something can came from nothing its called the Casmir Effect ( Ray, piece of science you you will be surprised what it has to offer.

Around 17:00 minutes Ray gets into all the sins we commit. He talks about Lies, Lust, and Blasphemy. But who cares, there is no proof for god. So if there is no proof for god can it be blasphemy, can it be bad to lust  if the rules are made by this imaginary god.

Around 21:00 minutes Ray gets some people to convert by praying. But hang on Ray, prayer does not work (iamchristianiamanatheist/godandscienceorg-and-lies-i). Additionally, you are praying to a god that does not exist.

Around 24:00 and this is important. Ray says "He doesn’t take pleasure in the death of the wicked" when a lady is asking god to strike her down if she has sinned. Ray, don't be a liar of all people I would think you would have read the bible, just think about Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah to name a few. 

In conclusion, all Rays arguments are based on a god. But there is one thing missing.

At no point in this movie (between the ranting) has there been any proof for a god.