Friday, 3 May 2013

Kepler-62 planet system (what would extraterrestial life mean?)

Since the discovery of exoplanets and particularly the Kepler-62 exoplanet system with 5 planets in the so called habitable zone. The Science links are subscription only, but well worth it if you have the access.

Anyway this got me thinking to about the "what if" question. What if we find some other form of life on another planet. How will this effect peoples outlook on religion, or more importantly how are religious people going to manipulate their sacred texts to adapt to this fact.

There are so many ways to view this, but the fact remains that we would no longer be alone. If we are no longer alone, we can no longer say we are special or the so called chosen ones by a god. How would your opinion changes, would you consider this proof of the absence of a god, as no major religious texts (except scientology) at the moment mention the existence of other forms of life. One would think this is a major thing to know about, so it would be in the text somewhere.

Again let me ask "what if?"