Thursday, 2 May 2013

Interpretations of the Bible/Koran/Bhagavad Gita/......

It has always amazed me that the bible and other religious texts can be interpreted in various ways. What go me thinking about this again was an answer to a question on misinterpretation by a theologian.

What amazes me about christians is that they say misinterpretations happen as humans do not understand the gospel correctly, but how can you when there are so may different translations and version. So the answer according to the link is prayer, but we all know prayer does not work.

As for muslims, they always like to brag that the koran has never been changed and its still original. OK, fine but then how do you explain sunni’s and shia's? Thats two very big different interpretations of the koran!

My favourite misinterpretation or story has to be Jonah and the whale or fish (I want to see this fish). we got told when I still had to go to Church Classes that this really happened. How could they say this happened, did no body at the time (1983) actually know what the inside of a whale looked like? And I say whale or fish, as this changed from time to time, maybe that should have been the hint that they were lying after all I didn't know what the inside of a whale looked like.

What is your favourite misinterpretation of a holy book? Please leave your comment, I would love to know.