Monday, 6 May 2013


There have recently been two fantastic posts by two bloggers I follow. The one is by Hausdorff and refers to a debate Dawkins and a Young Earth Creationist.
The other Will Ockham and has to do with ignorance.

These two blogs got me thinking about the debate between Richard Dawkins and Wendy Wright of the Concerned Women for America. I had initially seen only parts of the interview in the TV series The Genius of Charles Darwin. But after watching more of it, I can honestly say that its even worse than what you see in the TV series. Its ignorance on a whole new level.

At one point early in the interview, Dawkins asks if there is a hidden agenda. Wendy Wright answers that there is not a hidden agenda, and here is my take.

She does not have a hidden agenda! She has been so brain washed by the church and bible that she is incapable of having a hidden agenda. Her ignorance stems from a closure of her mind to any evidence which supports evolution, this is evident as she does talk about evolution and museums etc. So she has seen the evidence, but she is closed to it completely, her ignorance is extreme.

This shows perfectly how strong the church can be in terms of making people believe utter rubbish with no facts presented whatsoever. In church all you need to do is say GOD SAYS..........