Friday, 24 May 2013

Human embryonic cells by theraputic cloning..... no embryos died in the making of this blog

Before the obvious questions arise, let me just say. There may be errors in this paper, or simple mistakes due to quick publishing.

Last week the news reported on the development of a new cloning method for embryonic stem cells. This discovery is fantastic as it shows that embryonic stem cells can actually be obtained without killing a fertilised embryo, so this should shut the people that have a firm stance against embryonic stem cell research. Unfortunately, this has not happened and if anything it has created more hype than it is worth.
The paper

So I want to try explain in simple terms what has been achieved in this research and why it should not be a problem for all those Christians that are in up in arms about some fine research that has been down. Additionally, let me add that this research offers up a great opportunity for remedies that could be effective against degenerative diseases that nothing else can cure (Not even prayer).

So this is my take on the simple points of this research.

1) There was no fertilisation. So this is not killing one of gods precious creations, if it is then the scientist that created these cell lines is god. Simple enough to understand I hope.

2) The DNA in these embryonic stem cells is the DNA of another donor. So for example if your DNA was introduced and you terminate the stem cells line then in effect all your are doing is killing yourself, but this is not true as.......well you are still alive as you terminated the cell line (please see point4 before debating this line of reasoning).

3) Scientists are not playing god. God does not exist to a very high probability, so how can these scientists be playing a role that has no evidence for it. All they are doing is trying to better humanity.

4) HUMAN CLONING IS NOT POSSIBLE USING THIS TECHNIQUE. (I put this in caps, as people really do not get this). So let me say this again, before you talk about murdering babies and humans etc etc etc. HUMAN CLONING IS NOT POSSIBLE USING THIS TECHNIQUE.HUMAN CLONING IS NOT POSSIBLE USING THIS TECHNIQUE.

I hope you understand the basics now.... because for me the most important part of the study besides the obvious cloning was the following.

One egg donor showed a propagation of 4 cell lines from 5 blastocytes. This is something very interesting, that personally I believe some research should be done on to understand why these eggs are creating more cell lines. This same trend was discovered in another study where the same egg donor was used, so clearly there is something interesting going on here genetically.

Remember you never have to fear what you do not understand and that has validity. You only have to fear irrational thought with no validity.