Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dishonesty from the pulpit

I came across this story on by the two talk show pastors Swanson and Buehner, who frankly are two of the most chauvinistic ass-holes I have heard from in a long time. RWW This is actually there response to the FDA making the morning after pill available to girls 15 years and older.

They rant and rave and talk about how "What that means is that a father who has a daughter, she’s not free, she doesn’t have the feminist independence". Or in laymen’s terms, "I am a caveman with no brain, I will beat and enslave women, because magic guy in the sky says so So we know they are chauvinistic pigs, but what else are they not telling the truth about.

Well they quote a Dr Alan Christianson who said about a new gonorrhoea strain, “It might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run” because it will "put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days.” Which our friendly pastors used as an intro to tell us "ultimately God is in control and he can send a superbug to wipe out a lot of people".

But lets just get something straight. They are outright liars, and you can check these links below. This strain is not killing people in three days. This strain is not antibiotic-resistant. It is however a super-bug, which is not the same as saying antiobiotic-resistant, as in some cases a patient can be treated.
 And they they also fail to mention that the esteemed doctor Alan Christianson is actually a doctor of naturopathic medicine. And yeh its as bat shit crazy as it sounds, just read the intro to the wikipedia link to learn about vital energy and vaccine denial.

Why this doctor was interviewed about an actual medical problem I have no idea. Have to love those fact checkers at the media/news agencies.

I wish I could go to there church every Sunday as no one enjoys rants of lunatics more than me.