Wednesday 29 May 2013

Coming soon your new major Religion

I have been finding out more and more about some crazy cults/religions. As these are not yet mainstream I thought I would present a list of my favourite new major future religions. This list I am sure will be updated in the future as I find more interesting ones and get rid of the more boring ones.

1) Black Hebrew Israelites
These groups believe that they are originated from the lost Jewish tribes (Not to be confused with British Israelisim), which I don’t have an issue with, after all who said all Jews have to be white. However, any group where the leadership is determined by birth status is usually something to watch out for. Also interesting that there have been allegations of racism and black supremacy against them. This kind of reminds me about apartheid South Africa, and also lets me have less sympathy for certain factions being denied citizenship in Israel.

2) Raelism
Another UFO story akin to Scientology. Nice thing about this nutty religion, you have to get an official letter of   disaffiliation  from the religion you were involved with prior to becoming a Raelian. Personally this sounds like a nut-job who decided to make a religion pretty much like Muhammed or L Ron Hubbard or Jesus or...... On a plus side these guys seem pretty liberated when it comes to sex. Which is a turnaround from the Abrahmic virgin religions.
Oh yeah and they believe crop circles are created by UFOs.

3) British Israealis
Not to be confused with the Black Hebrew Israelites, which is kind of difficult as these guys are lily white. Although they believe the same thing as before that they are originated from the lost Jewish tribes. Needless to say they have also been associated with racism. Why do all these groups that associate with being a special tribe go so well with racism? Maybe because they feel privileged, after all they are gods chosen people.

4) Scientology
Just because its awesome how screwed up it really is. This info graphic explains Scientology perfectly...or should I say describes the lunacy perfectly.
But then again what do you expect from a religion that was created by a science fiction writer. For that matte he was quoted as saying "You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion."

5) Korean Jesus Church (Okay the real name is World Mission Society Church of God)
These guys are absurdly awesome, they believe that Jesus has already come again.... and he was Korean. Funnily enough the Korean jesus established the church and now the followers pray to him. And no one sees a problem with this? On a plus side they are heavily involved in charity and they believe that salvation only comes through god the mother (no sexism in this church).
One more thing I am not saying Jesus was white or that he even existed. What I am saying is I am pretty sure he was not Korean.

What I expect to be a religion some day.
After looking at Raelism and Scientology, I have to conclude that some day there will be a form of religion that has to do with what Divid Icke believes. After all his ideas are about as whacked out as the rest.