Saturday 25 May 2013

Are Converts a Danger (Woolwich Murder)

I was reading an article on the horrifying Woolwich murder this past week in the UK. I am sure most people are aware of what happened, so I wont regurgitate the story here. This article I am talking about was dealing with the anti-Muslim backlash.... and I am not talking about that either. I don't agree with any back-lash but this is not what I saw as the most worrying thing in the article.

For me the most disturbing thing in the article was the lines that read.
Batool Al-Toma, an Irish-born woman who converted to Islam 25 years ago, said converts may be "vulnerable" to more radical views because they feel a "sense of isolation and alienation from family and friends."
The reason this scares me, is because it is spot on. But I will wager that the  reason that these new converts hold these radical views is not from a feeling of isolation from friends or family.

I think it is simply a case of someone really that is not stable looking for some kind of stability in their life and finding it in the most screwed up of ways.

This can be likened to alcoholism (or any other addiction) where a person quits the habit, but just replaces it for another habit. In this case (religion) these people are deeply unhappy and looking for some kind of meaning and find meaning in becoming suicidal/homicidal. I cannot put all the blame on these people, as they do get brainwashed by people far smarter than them. But this is essentially what religion is.....Brainwashing.

Another point to ponder if you are a "Christian" and convert to "Islam" or vice versa..... don’t you think maybe the person has a bigger problem that needs psychiatric help. After all if you are willing to get ostracised, why not choose something logical like atheism.