Monday, 20 May 2013

Anti-Vaccine Idiots

I was reading a very interesting article at this week about the use of a vaccine that can prevent heroin use. Now obviously this is more complicated than it sounds here, but the fact is that this vaccine works in rats. The rats were shown to stop seeking the heroin that they were addicted to after getting the vaccine. Importantly the vaccine is safe!
heroin-vaccine-neutralizes-drug-before-it-hits-brain needed)

As all things science related usually does, it got me thinking about what the anti-vaccers would think about this. For those of you that don't know the anti-vaccers are a movement of people that are opposed to the use of life saving vaccines. The reasons they believe this is due to mostly fraudulent scientific studies and pure ignorance.  Unfortunately this movement has got hold of some celebrities to endorse their views like the idiots Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey (see link below).
Luckily there are people that are exposing these frauds.

Now lets get back to the original question. If you are an anti-vaccer would you disapprove of this vaccine? The reason I ask is either way the consequences according to your hypothesis are dire. If they have the vaccine they will get ill (by whatever means you make up), or they will die from a heroin overdose. So which is better?

This is the kind of hypocritical land our anti-vaccer friends have to live in, when they do not apply logic to a debate.  A debate that has shown vaccines to be safe, so please vaccinate.