Thursday, 30 May 2013

American Family Association ......Again

I have been trying to make my intense debate comments work again....actually I thought they were working, so if you see comments to myself I am not shamelessly self promoting. Ok I am, but I have a reason. ;)

Anyway, I was reading a blog post on Hausdorff's Bible Blog about repeating ourselves and finding stuff out for the first time. hausdorffbb/why-do-we-keep-repeating-ourselves

In which there was a link to an XKCD comic about learning stuff for the first time. Today I want to share with you something I learnt for the first time on holy bullies and headless monsters about the American Family Association. For those of you that have read this blog before you may have seen/read the disdain I hold for the American Family Association. In one of these posts I simply stated what should be said about this association (read Nazis) that they are a hate
Particularly one of there radio hosts Bryan Fischer is well I don’t actually know what to say about him. Except he is an ignorant little hate filled man.bryan-fischer

Okay back on topic. These fools of the American Family Association have a news site OneNewsNow, and my simple question is how? To run a website and have enough people that actually follow it and people that contribute towards it in advertising revenue is astounding. But not only should I say astounding, this is very worrying for the United States of America when a group like this can have a platform that is capable of spreading its ignorant message all across the 50 states and the rest of the world. Luckily the Southern Poverty Law Centre  is keeping a watchful eye on them, but the problem is that these guys/girls have a certain amount of established power.

Lets look at OneNewsNow and see what is important news this day (30 May 9:00 Korean Time) These are their top news stories
Second Amendment rights group aims for five-million-name petition
Texas school district appeals Bible banner ruling
Rep. Bachmann says she won't run for re-election
What Congress can do to repeal ObamaCare
Attorney: Don't expect apology from Attorney General Holder
When you look at these headlines one would suspect that there is an agenda here, it seems very conservative and very religious.

But lets give them the benefit of the doubt and see what sections are there news categorised in, and the Categories are:
National Security
 I am not sure but I think this news site is going to be biased towards Christianity. Hence is it really news or propaganda?

I think anyone who has an opportunity to criticise this ridiculous association and the so called news that they deliver should do it. I for one will be commenting (read troll) and making some new friends as I enlighten them about why this association is just so screwed up.

On a funny note when the OneNewsNow website decided to change the word gay to homosexual (for what reasons I have no idea...maybe to try be less offensive?), they ended up changing the name of sprinter Tyson Gay to Tyson Homosexual Reminds me of the whole "cdesign proponentsists" episode.

Now I am off to take a long weekend trying to forget about these fools.
"Darn just found out they close the comment sections pretty quickly, as I think I am not alone in expressing my distaste in an intellectual and honest way"