Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A list of things that proves a creator (intelligent designer)?

Creationism (Intelligent Design) likes to say god designed or made everything. So here is my list of ridiculous things that we can attribute to a god that is a designer of everything. The creator of all things good, the one and only. The all knowing, all seeing, all powerful.....ok enough I think I made my point.

 1) The platypus.... seriously the dumbest design. Just look at this creature, it makes no sense. Actually most animals in Australia make no sense....its as if they were designed separately evolved separately from other species.
 Platypus main image

2) Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tornadoes......etc etc in places where highly religious people live. It shows that a god really actually just does not care at all.

3) Prayer does not work....... Again it shows that this god does just does not care at all. I have written on this before.

4) Homosexuality in animals. It defeats the whole argument of homosexuality being unnatural.

5) The Crusades or 9/11. Why? I thought you were a god of love.

6)Contradictions in your divinely inspired texts. I thought as a creator with control you would at least not let this one slip....I guess I thought wrong.

Would love to see what you can add to this list.