Thursday, 11 April 2013

Who said christians are peaceful

I like to point out the fact that islam is a religion that is not peaceful, but let this not mislead you into thinking that I only dislike islam. Here is a classic example of christianity promoting violence.

Thanks to the people at Right Wing Watch

So how are christians going to counter this argument? After all what Pat is saying is really simple to decipher. And her is it decoded, if you believe that promoting peace in the Middle East is a bad thing then you are promoting war. So now I want to see how some christian is going to say, no that is not what Pat was saying, what he meant was......

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc all come from belief in imaginary beings. Belief in imaginary beings is what children do, is it not time to grow up and start being adults and making adult choices. Maybe Pat an adult choice would be to promote peace and not war. And no, you have not been taken out of context, you have said this kind of thing before.

Maybe its time for Pat to listen to his best advice ever.