Monday, 8 April 2013

Top 6 atheist scientists

A lot of great scientists do not believe in god, here is a list that will help you overcome your fear of god and head along the rational road of atheism.

1) Richard Dawkins

2) Stephen Hawking

3) Sam Harris

4) Peter Atkins

5) Lawrence Krauss

6) Daniel Dennett

Maybe one of the best quotes ever has to be by Peter Atkins.
“When asked by Rod Liddle in the documentary The Trouble with Atheism "Give me your views on the existence, or otherwise, of God",Peter Atkins replied "Well it's fairly straightforward: there isn't one. And there's no evidence for one, no reason to believe that there is one, and so I don't believe that there is one. And I think that it is rather foolish that people do think that there is one.”