Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tony Perkins

I recently posted about the American Family Association, and it got me thinking about what the Family Research Council has been up to recently, so went to their website and I found this article by Tony Perkins.

Let me just say at the beginning that this article is full of lies, but then again what do we expect from Tony Perkins. ( So I decided to take a look at his article Military Loses faith, after all it has a lot of links to news sources, which surely should be correct. Anyway the whole story starts with the claim that the government had been blocking the Southern Baptist Churches website when using D.O.D. servers. However this was a mistake and Tony does well to point out that this was a mistake...congrats Tony

On an interesting side note the site was blocked as it had malware that the D.O.D. filters detected as a threat, why would this website have malware. Its a good christian site why would they want your information, or what ever else reason they may be using it for. (

"Under President Obama, the military bans prayer at funerals, but builds Wiccan firepits at the Air Force Academy. "
So I went to the link and guess what the military is just affording Wiccans the same rights as christians to practise their religion. So, why does this irritate Tony as they are not stopping christians practising their religion. So here we have some really misleading information, and after using a google search I can still not find any news link to the fact that prayer is being banned at military funerals.

"It tells soldiers to stay away from religious websites, while its missile defense staff spends hours surfing pornography at work. It tears down crosses in Afghanistan, but lets soldiers march in uniform in gay pride parades."
Firstly it does not condone its staff surfing porn sites at work, that's why the D.O.D. has filters on their servers, and in the link I never saw any mention of the army saying don't look at religious websites. Lies, lies, lies. It then continues to say the army tears down crosses in Afghanistan, well Tony must have thought I would not click this link..... as it leads to the same page about missile staff surfing porn. And finally Tony, why should military personal not be allowed to march in gay pride parades in uniform? Oh that's right you are a homophobe, but if you really want this then military personal should not be allowed to march for anything but official military business.

"After five years, the administration's intent is clear: to disarm the military of its biggest weapon and its greatest source of strength--Faith." 
No, I would say its greatest source of strength is science (i.e. stealth, nuclear warheads, biological and chemical weapons).... stop lying Tony!

So is this an organisation or better yet... is this a person to trust?