Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The science of why we don't believe

I received a brilliant article about science and disbelief in science from a friend recently. It was published back in 2011, but is every bit relevant if not more so now days as their is more and more backlash against scientific fact.

What is really interesting about this article is that there is now evidence available which shows why people don’t believe. However, if you had to show these disbelievers this evidence they would still disbelieve! How entrenched in a belief or how brainwashed do you have to be to not be able to change your mind when faced with hard facts?

It is a problem that a lot of religious people face. When they hear evidence (that proves their belief wrong) they deny it and try find problems with it so that they can stick to their wrong view. This is sad, as it means there is no hope for a lot of people until they can see the truth for themselves, as there is no way to convince them.

It makes me think of addiction, where you have to realise you have a problem before you can get help for it. This is why atheism is relevant, we as atheists should be trying to help people stuck in religion in the same way we would help a friend who was addicted to a incapacitating drug.