Friday 19 April 2013

Saudi Arabian Stupidity

Sometimes things are just too good not to share.

I am hoping that the Telegraph is making a huge joke, but knowing Saudi Arabia and their moral police I doubt it. So this lady luckily got saved from the handsomeness that was before her, before she could run rapidly through this crowd and rape these men in front of the assembled crowd. Yes I used crowd in the previous sentence twice for a reason.

Get real you stupid people, as if this scenario I just painted would ever become a reality. Actually, I would love to see what these handsome men actually looked like that they think this response would be awakened in someone. After all I am thinking this must be on a level that makes George Clooney look like the ugliest person alive.

As my friend pointed out to me...."I suppose its time for men to start wearing Burqa's, after all it will keep the women at bay."

Go Saudi Arabia, long live Chauvinism.... all irony intended.