Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How is your religion different?

I have been hesitant to talk about this news article as it may seem I am cashing in on the whole North Korea hype. But hey I live in South Korea and no one is worried so I will do it.

This video and article comes from CNN, and its about a defector from North Korea and her reaction to watching a North Korean propaganda film. (I highly recommend you watch this video in the link)

So this is what I have to ask you to seriously think about if you are religious. How is you religion any different to what North Koreans feel about the Kim family? When the citizens see these dictators they cry and weep... its like people when they are caught up in the moment at church or while praying.

How does this happen? Its pure and simple in the case of North Korea everyone agrees that it is brainwashing and that the Kim family is not gods. However in religions we say that it is faith, why faith? I think that a form of brainwashing would be something like "Hey, if you sin you will go to hell and get punished for eternity."

So North Korea and religions use fear to get people to do what they want.So is there a difference between a god and the Kims. Yes there is one difference the Kims are real.