Wednesday, 17 April 2013 II

This post on is a very interesting post, and I am not sure why it is on this website in the first place. The whole premise of this website is to offer proof (scientific proof) for the existence of god, and in that this article fails horribly.

It has all the right links to journal titles showing that actually scientists are not more atheistic than the rest of the population in the USA. But, and this is a big but, nowhere in the article is there any evidence for god. This is surely important as the whole point of the website is to provide evidence for the existence of god. This whole article comes down to the simple fact that people believe in god due to marital and family status and family of origin.

I believe this is what atheists have been saying all along. So here you have it an article on a website that says there is proof for god in science and the only reason that people believe in god is for unscientific reasons.  Should I be congratulating the website?

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