Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Evolution of Creationism

Brilliant article published last year by the Geological Society of America dealing with the evolution of creationism. Its peer reviewed and in stark contrast to the rubbish that I have been exposing by godandscience.org.


Highlights include.

Getting shown how creationists can interpret the bible to make their theories stick to the "holy" book. Things like the gap theory, where god remodelled the world just for humans a few thousand years ago, even though god created it previously and was just playing re modeller for a few thousand millennia.

Fundamentalists scientists calling a book by an amateur geologist a  “great and monumental” work of an “up-to-date scientist”—“a masterpiece of real science” by one of “the world’s leading Geologists,” and “the sanest, clearest and most irrefutable presentation of the Science of Geology from the standpoint of Creation and the Deluge, ever to see the light of day”. At a time when the Noah's global flood theory had already been rejected by mainstream science. Can somebody say denial.

learn that young earth creationism only started again in 1961 (after rejection by the major religions from around the 18th century). This theory was based on misinterpretation of scientific fact, as well as omission of scientific knowledge that did not support their theory. We see how they went to find evidence to fit their theory, and how they didn’t let the evidence develop their theory.

In conclusions I have a question to ask.
Are creationists reliable sources of information, when they go looking for data to fit their theories and ignore scientific evidence that opposes their theories?

Suppose integrity died along with the "great global flood".