Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Drawing Muhammed

It seems an age ago that the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published a few cartoons of muhammed  that insulted everyone in the islamic world so badly.


Have you seen the cartoons that actually created the problem? Here they are for you and yes you may be surprised as they are really not bad. But please feel insulted and that you want to attempt to murder someone or burn an embassy, basically feel that you need to act like a savage with no moral principles and respect for others rights.


The great thing about this is that since this happened, and the riots etc etc that followed it around the world. There have been a lot of new drawings of muhammed that disrespect  the so called prophet. This pleases me as it is making people realise that hey maybe there is nothing to this whole religion thing except absolute lunacy. Below are some new muhammed pictures.


The drawings by the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo, please be warned there is nudity.

Remember Draw Muhammmed Day as well is you want to see some more pictures.