Wednesday 10 April 2013

Blasphemy laws

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina rejects blasphemy law.
When I first read the title to to this news story, I was really excited that a  islamic country was making a stand against ridiculous blasphemy laws. But how deceived I was by a fancy title. All that the PM is saying is that the current law of arresting and imprisoning people for disrespecting religion is enough, and they do not need to have the death penalty for blasphemy.

Ok so I agree having the death penalty would be ridiculous for blasphemy. But even imprisonment for being disrespectful towards a religion is ridiculous, and this has happened with some bloggers being arrested over remarks they have made.

If I say I do not believe in Santa, I am making children around the world very sad. Should I go to jail for it as i am disrespecting their beliefs? Why on earth then should anyone get into trouble for disrespecting an imaginary god. I suppose belief in god can then be related to a child like mind, one who throws their toys and acts like a brat!

Take the blasphemy challenege.