Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Admitting you are wrong (The Original Lie)

Often times you will see that religious people will not admit they are wrong on issues where they are very clearly wrong. It is like a disease that makes you incapable of accepting a truth over a lie. This is something that occurs in everyday life as well, when a person gets caught in a lie and they have to propagate it further so that the initial lie eventually gets covered by layers of lies.

I often then get to wondering what is the original lie? In religion I would say the original lie is that there is no god! Everything in religion is based of the fact that there is a god, but if this is shown to be wrong then religion fails, on the other hand if it is proven correct then religion wins. So where is this evidence, and why do we have to continue to debate theists on religious issues when they cannot prove the original lie?

This is why I like science, it is not afraid to point out errors and fix false claims (lies). Here are just two very recent articles showing this to be true.
In this article some scientists are failing to reproduce some very important results in psychology and are thus claiming that the initial results are flawed.
This details new studies regarding the evolution of ant diversity in the tropics, and which current theories should be accepted.

If science can say they made a mistake, why is religion incapable? Religion after all is meant to be pure and just.