Saturday, 9 March 2013

To not have sex is dumb

I saw this article on the beeb the other day and it got me thinking about sex and religions view on sex.

Why are religions so against sex, and more importantly against pre-marital sex. We are animals that crave the desire to procreate first and foremost, it is the carnal drive that wants us to engage in sex. So if this is in our nature why are religions so against it? And if sex was such a sin.... why is it so good?

There is no reason to not have sex. It is a normal and natural thing to want to do and to enjoy. Any religious reason behind not having sex, comes from a time when men were the dominant people in society that didn't want there wives sleeping with other men. This is a way of protecting that only your genes are getting passed on.

The thing is we are in a time now where you can get made pregnant in a clinic wihtout even having sex! We live in a time where there are things like contraception, so you can avoid getting pregnant. So why should there be so much prohabition against sex? Go out and have sex and have fun, you are not going to go to hell. Because, there is no hell!

Sex is healthy and good for you. Enjoy it.