Wednesday 27 March 2013

Random Chats With Believers VII

The other day I was walking around campus and I saw one of my favorite jehovas witnesses, all irony intended. And this time she didn’t approach and it occurred to me that she has not approached me in over 6 months and now let me tell you why.

About 6 months or more before this, I got so angry with the insistent lies in there watch tower magazine which they try force down your throat as fact. That I told them if they have not go anything real and scientific to show to me then please don't bother speaking to me, as I don’t have time to listen to lies. I said I will listen to an argument that does not rely on personal experience or the existence of god proven using the bible. I concluded to her, that a scientific experiment, reviewed and published would be ideal.

So why is this important?
Personal experience is exactly that it cannot be checked. So if it cannot be independently checked why should I believe it?
Proving god using the bible is the same as proving allah using the koran or Hagrid using Harry Potter. Its not real!

So that’s why I don’t get bothered anymore, and for me it makes the world a better place. For the simple reason that I know every time she sees me, she doubts her faith a little more. After all she cant prove what I asked her.

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