Sunday, 17 March 2013

Christian Von Lahr and Christopher Valentine

 I came across this video the other day. at first I thought it was trolls ( ) having some fun on the internet. However, there is a website and radio interviews with these guys, so I have to accept that this is legit. (It still blows my mind, and I think these are some kind of trolls). So here is the video and you decide.

So I would say this is batshit crazy stuff, I mean leprechauns, unicorns, fairies, etc are words that scream little child or internet troll or just crazy. I am sure if you have seen this video and have a brain, you will think this is a joke, so here is the website for these two guys.
Or you can hear about there interviews with Michael Jackson, and the reason that Michael Jackson really died.

This is scary, religion is scary, any belief in imaginary things is scary.

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