Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bryan Fischer

Some Christians like to say that god gave us free will and then others may say that but i don’t mean it as they just love to infringe on your rights. Take Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association as a classic example of this weird misunderstanding of free will. This fool actually wants to make pornography and adultery illegal! Regardless what you think of pornography and adultery, the point is he is saying you do not have the free will to do it if you want, as it should be illegal. That means punishable, and so its not free will unless you consider christian freewill the same as arabic free will...... steal something and get your hand cut off.

So is this Fischers personal view or is this the view of the American Family Association as well? No they oppose free will as well, by being anti abortion, homophobic and all the other things that uncivilised people generally are. Guess there is no difference between the Arabic religions of hate.

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