Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bob Larson

Do you know Bob Larson?
Basically this guy is an exorcist, and spiritual healer. What that means depends on what you believe, after all I have yet to see evidence for the existence of either god or satan. I thought the world had moved on from these exorcism rubbish, realising there are things like mental illness. ( Not for Bob, he still carries on with his idiocy every week, making loads of money and trying to deprive people of nice things like rock music and their money.

So anyway, I was pottering about on Bob Larson's website today. And came across this link to a Demon Test.
So being the atheist that I am, I wanted to know how many demons Bob thinks I have floating around in my body. No surprise here, you have to pay for the demon tests. So we have another so called helper in religion all out to make money lol.

Apparently, homosexualtiy is even from demons according to Bob.In this video you will see Bob performing an exorcism. Or should I say Bob performing.

Bob you are an idiot!

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