Friday, 8 February 2013

Sandy RIos

Update February 12 th: The Hate continues


Before I get into why I am so irritated with Sandy Rios at the moment, lets just get the fact right that she is believes in god.

Recently this believer went on record and said that gay men should not allowed to be scout leaders as they are child predators by nature. She went on in this conversation to supply absolutely no facts for her statement. A statement which is clearly wrong and hate filled.

So I ask the question why does she not give any sources, when I can go on google and within seconds I can prove that her statement is utter rubbish.,002.htm which shows that the view that gay men are disproportionately abusers is utter rubbish. See the family research council link below.

Or maybe we should ask why are christians (and other believers) so against gay people? Does it bother you so much that there are different sexualities? What about it really bothers you, I mean how intolerant do you have to be!

I suppose that when someone believes in an imaginary person up in the sky that has all these super powers that we should say of course you are right about your beliefs about gay men? All sarcasm intended.

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