Sunday, 3 February 2013


I read this article the other day on, it was titled Pigeon DNA proves Darwin right.

No surprise there, anyone with any scientific knowledge will have to agree that Darwin is right. So why do people stick to creationism? For which there is absolutely no scientific proof, regardless of what the discovery institute will tell you. And the scientists that have signed these documents doubting evolution, I seriously have to wonder about anything they have ever published!

I can only believe that religion has such a hold in some peoples lives that they are incapable of thinking rationally about subjects that are not part of the doctrine that they are taught every Sunday. That kind of power should be examined, as it surely can be likened to the power Hitler had over the German nation in the years leading up to the world war. This is the hard cold facts about what unwarranted power can create. That is creating something, that is creationism.

So ask yourself are we safe with that kind of influential power. Creationism is necessary for some people to believe in god, and thats why the fight against evolution exists. Without all the believers there will be a shift of power and one just has to consider what will change to realize this is not what the church/mosque/temple wants.