Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Spirit Science?

Ok, my friend sent me this link, and I who does enjoy crazy shit watched it. This is what I have to say about “Spirit Science 12 – The Human History Movie”
By Spirit Science

Okay these are a minority of the questions that I raise regarding this film.

Uhmm within 10 seconds, you realize the lack of knowledge. They have shown how to make pyramids before, moving these so called unmovable blocks.

4:20 Fauna on different islands? Have you heard about animals, and plant seeds that can make journeys over long distances. Never mind the fact that there have been stages over the history of the earth of sea level drops due to ice ages.

10:41 Pyramids on Mars, Face on Mars? uhmm how many times does this have to be shown to not be true?

16:20 So NASA does not want people to know about polar shifts? WRONG!

26:00 Noetics? What the hell is noetics... apparently not scientifically approved, as it measures (sic) personal experiences? Uhmm yeh thats why they are personal opinions and not scientific fact.

36:15 Humans are more advanced than other animals? I am speechless, how do you determine this? What makes the word advanced? What about dolphins? What about evolutionary tree?

41: “Keep a open mind, there is very little proof for this” In other words, this is a load of rubbish. Like everything else in this movie.

Okay I gave up... I wont lie but this stuff is BATSHIT CRAZY! If you enjoy crazy stuff give it a watch otherwise don't waste your time.

Really do you have to add a suffix (i.e. alien, mayan calender, pseudo science) to all your Google searches, to come up with this?

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