Sunday, 27 January 2013

Random Chats With Believers IV

This was not so much a chat as a message conveyed to me by a friend. When I was happily told, that now their son has found god he no longer needs to take his anti-depressant medication. Basically god has cured this person.......

Okay straight up I am a person who suffers from depression. And for anyone that knows about depression or has suffered from severe depression, the obvious thing is that obviously he is fine. The part that most people don't realize is that the anti depressants take time to finally clear your body.

Additionally, to fall back into a depressive episode after a treatment period can take a long time. Especially if you have tapered of the medication in the correct manner and it was an occurrence that happened due to external stressors that have now gone away. Also some depressive episodes never occur again in some peoples lives and they don't need medication again. So then it is easy to sell the fake dream that god cured this person. But its time to get real.

God did not cure my depression, god cured no ones depression. Medication and psychiatrists cured my depression, and I am handling it as well as I can. However I know I can slip back into depression at any time. Its a sickness just like diabetes, and no minister would say stop taking your insulin. And not surprisingly this so called god has never healed anything like diabetes.

Its easy to blame a mental illness on a bad deed, and this is what happens at times. So again religion is unscientific and making claims that are absolute bollocks. Religion cured no one!

Science does.

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