Tuesday, 1 January 2013

God/Allah/Almighty/Great Architect etc.

Call god what you want, I don't care. But you have to agree god is all seeing, all knowing, all caring..... super duper wonderful awesome. That is if you are a believer., and a believer in any of the religions anywhere in the world that actually believe in a god.

But what do all these great adjectives actually translate too. Lets take a look at a few.....

All knowing: Uhmmm, not to difficult this one it means god knows everything. So this entity already knows what will happen to you, so whats the point of doing anything? Its predetermined, no need to be good, no need to not have sex, no need to do anything.... thats what predetermined means.

Caring: OK, so god cares so much, that it allows believers to kill others in his name. God is so caring, that it allows the murder of doctors who do abortions. That is what the word caring means right? (sarcasm intended)

Omnipotent: God, is so powerful that it cannot stop the devil, doing bad things? (Irony intended) But seriously, we all know god enjoys giving people and children disease, and killing loved ones. Uhm, yeh I think that sums up omnipotent.

King of Kings: Thats right, every king everywhere in the world believes in the one true god. From Saudi Arabia, to England, to Norway.... oh hang on thats not right. Um maybe this whole god thing is not right.

So maybe the only adjective that god deserves is the obvious one.......IMAGINARY!